Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Emotional Literacy Series: Anger

Kindergarten-Grade 3-Mrs. Murgatroyd, a woman who possesses rainbow paintpots, was introduced in And Peter Said Goodbye (Enchante, 1993). She appears again in this bibliotherapeutic story about Ryan, a dreamy, unathletic type who is plagued by the class bully, and responds by hitting and kicking not only that boy, but his other classmates as well. His teacher sends him to the principal's office, but Ryan slips into the art room where he encounters an odd lady with silvery long braids collecting colors in jars. Mrs. Murgatroyd tells him he can use her magic paints to portray anything he wants and that he will always be in control of his creation. His anger inspires a picture of a roaring volcano, which comes to life and spews burning lava, threatening the school. Quickly Ryan converts his painting into a VCR screen and rewinds the disaster. Now that his anger is correctly channeled, the boy faces up to Mark without fighting, gains friends among the smaller children, and explains to his teacher why he misbehaved. Large, bright, busy, double-page colored pencil and watercolor illustrations are done in a flat, realistic style. The vocabulary is lively, but the plot is forced to fit its didactic mold. Patricia Pearl Dole, formerly at First Presbyterian School, Martinsville, VACopyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an alternate   edition.

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